Sonia Rykiel Merino Wool Striped Sweater
Sonia Rykiel Merino Wool Striped Sweater

Being from Texas, I usually opt for a cardigan rather than a pullover sweater because our weather switches between hot and cold so quickly. This prompts the need to shed layers fast as the temperature rises. That being said, I love the look of a beautiful casual pullover sweater. So, what is a girl to do? Enter Sonia Rykiel’s Merino Wool Sweater!

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In my search for the perfect pull over sweater, I found that one material seems to transition well with the quick change from cold mornings to warm afternoons, a lightweight Merino wool. Merino wool is from Merino sheep, which produce a beautiful natural grown fiber that is thinner and softer than regular wool. This makes Merino wool much easier to wear as compared to regular itchy wool!

In addition, this awesome wool keeps your body at a stable temperature. For example, when it is cold outside the shape of the fibers trap air, mildly insulating you. Conversely, when it is warm outside, the Merino wool moves perspiration quickly away from the skin, keeping you dry and cool. This is why outdoor athletic wear frequently contains Merino wool. When compared with cashmere, I would say that Merino wool is more casual and slightly less insulating.


When I think of a luxurious Merino wool sweater, I think of Sonia Rykiel. I mean, if you are going to buy an expensive and luxurious sweater, you want one from the “Queen of Knits” who created the iconic Poor Boy Sweater.

Sonia Rykiel Merino Wool Sweater
Sonia Rykiel Merino Wool Sweater

I particularly love Sonia Rykiel’s long sleeve striped V-neck sweater. It is adorable with its ribbed trim, button details, and the layered look of a blue and black striped V-neck over a red-brown and black striped crew neck sweater. In addition, the sweater is waist length with a fashionable split hem feature.

Front of Sonia Rykiel Merino Wool Sweater
Front of Sweater
Back of Sweater
Back of Sweater

Sonia Rykiel’s V-neck sweater also looks amazing with black leggings (or comfy jeans) paired with a lovely pair of black slouch boots. Furthermore, from standing in line at the airport to strolling through the aisle of a fashion boutique, people cannot resist complementing the uniqueness of this sweater. Not to mention, this sweater feels absolutely amazingly soft and does not leave me too hot or cold. There is nothing like feeling comfortable and stylish at the same time.


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While I have enjoyed Sonia Rykiel’s pieces for several years, this apparently will not be the case for much longer as in 2019, the company filed for bankruptcy protection and liquidated its business in the United States. The liquidation of the fashion house is unfortunate, but it has resulted in a substantial reduction in the price of some gorgeous pieces that are still available on websites such as Shopbop. For example, the long sleeve striped V-neck sweater that is regularly $850.00, is currently selling for $595.00 at Shopbop. Not to mention, they usually offer plenty of discount codes as well. Here is the link for the remaining V-neck striped sweaters they have:

Additionally, luxury resale websites such as The RealReal also offer some pre-owned Merino wool sweaters from Sonia Rykiel that are very inexpensive and in excellent condition. Here is a link directly to the RealReal:

Once you get to the site, a quick search for Sonia Rykiel will reveal plenty of options.


I love that I can care for my Merino wool sweaters at home. I use The Laundress Wool & Cashmere Shampoo from Amazon. It maintains the vibrant colors of my sweaters and safely and effectively cleans both wool and cashmere. Additionally, it preserves the natural lanolin oils in the fibers, keeping the fibers nice and soft. You can purchase this wonderful product from Amazon. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases – Please see our Policy Page.

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If you are looking for a luxurious Merino wool sweater, I recommend finding a Sonia Rykiel sweater. They are quality pieces that, with the proper care, can last throughout the years.

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