LANEIGE Sleeping Care Lip Sleeping Mask

A luxurious night sleep and a day of super comfortable lips – all in a little pot-o-gold from LANEIGE. Seriously, this little jar (0.70 oz) does wonders for your lips. I bought the LANEIGE Sleeping Care Lip Sleeping Mask after reading reviews of how great this sleep mask works.

The first night I used the LANEIGE Sleeping Care Lip Sleeping Mask, I plastered it on my lips and jumped into bed for the night. The instructions state to apply generously to the lips in the evening and leave on overnight. The next morning, I woke up and felt relief from my chapped lips. They felt smooth, supple, and line-free. I figured once I showered my dry lips would return. Much to my surprise, the hydration continued.

I applied my liner/lipstick and set about my day. A couple of hours later, the dryness returned. This was later than normal for me. When I got home, I took my make-up off and decided to dab a little of the LANEIGE Sleeping Care Lip Sleeping Mask on my lips. Such a relief! The dryness was immediately quenched. Not like the temporary feeling you get from other lip products, but a legitimate feeling of hydration. I thought, what a miraculous little luxury product!

I applied the sleeping mask again that night and once the following day. Usually, I have to apply a lip gloss or lip balm every hour or so. Turns out, this amazing little lip mask is the perfect 24-7 lip product. It adds an ample amount of hydration with the perfect amount of shine. Between the packaging and the actual texture of the lip mask, this product exudes luxury. The best part was that my lipstick stayed put! It did not smudge or bleed despite using LANEIGE. I would not say I use a generous amount of the product. Typically, I just dab a tiny amount on and go with it. Turns out this luxury sleep mask is a 24-7 lip product.

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